Cache Card History

iacinternational/ March 29, 2021/ Blog

Today we will talk about the only custom CS:GO map, which managed to become official and was loved by many Counter-Strike fans and some eSportsmen. On the background of more old-school Mirage or Nuke, it’s a relatively new map that many people underestimate. Cache only appeared in the last game of the Counter-Strike series, while the history of some other competitive locations goes back almost 20 years. Despite this, Cache is quite interesting and bright: the map is definitely worth your attention. 

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What you need to know about Cache map

The custom location was created by Volcano for Source in May 2011 and ported to the new game from Valve about six months after the CS:GO release. A little later, Cache adapted FMPONE (creator of cs_museum) with support from Volcano himself. At the third major tournament ESL One: Cologne 2014, the map, along with Cobblestone and Overpass, was included in the expanded list of main locations. Unlike some other maps, Cache does not have a full prototype. But it is clear that when creating the location the author was inspired by the romance of Chernobyl: you can even see the famous nuclear power plant and nearby buildings from the terrorist base. The reactor of the nuclear power plant resembles the real one.

However, the novelty of the map plays on the plus side. Cache is considered not the easiest, but one of the most balanced locations in CS:GO. The game requires interaction with teammates and involves a variety of strategies when attacking/defending different locations and positions. If both teams know the map well enough, it will be very interesting to play. Defensive strategy is somewhat similar to the map Dust 2, where players are often arranged in a 2-1-2 layout, where two players take up positions on the points and the last (usually a sniper with an AWP) controls the exit to the midway. The attacking side can choose from three basic options, each of which has its own characteristics. 

Old-school players didn’t immediately embrace Cache as a cool battleground, but they quickly got used to it and managed to love the map. However, last March Cache was unexpectedly sent out for a redesign, and was replaced by the controversial Vertigo on the competitive list. Then it caused a lot of controversy among eSports players and experts. However, Valve promised to bring back the map and have already managed to change a few textures and some gameplay details. A new variation of the location was presented last fall, after which the map began to be finalized. Recently another update was released, in which Cache tweaked the graphics and closed a couple of bugs, including a bug with getting stuck in a door. 

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