Few people know that massage is very useful in combination with physical activity and is simply necessary for those who play sports and visit the gym.

iacinternational/ August 17, 2019/ Blog, Fitness

Sports and massage together work great for healing the body as a whole. They help get rid of stress, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, activate and normalize the work of organs and are useful for the prevention of neurosis, insomnia, heart attacks and strokes.

What are the benefits of body massage after exercise?

Helps restore muscle function and relieve fatigue and tension after a workout.
Strengthens metabolic processes and tissue nutrition, improves metabolism in cells.
As a result, it starts the process of losing weight.
It promotes the restoration and rejuvenation of the body, improves the emotional and physical state, triggers a complete detoxification and cleansing of the body.
Improves breathing, metabolism and muscle tissue nutrition.
Improves the functioning of the nervous system.
Gives a feeling of lightness in the body due to the withdrawal of excess fluid and lactic acid.
Improves mood and relieves fatigue after training.

Who should attend post-workout massage sessions?

Those who are actively training for results and doing fitness

If you are actively engaged in the gym and want to achieve a specific goal as quickly as possible, then massage in combination with training will help to improve and accelerate the result of training.

After an active workout in the gym, massage will help relieve exhaustion, fatigue and, most importantly, prevent training burnout. It relieves tension in the muscles, helps the body recover quickly after exercise and take the next lesson, not as a burden, but as a renewal of strength and recovery.

For those who are gaining muscle mass

If you are working to increase muscle mass, then in this case, massage after training helps to achieve the desired results faster. It improves all muscle processes: nutrition, respiration, recovery, detoxification. Along with this massage relieves spasms, overstrain and activates metabolic processes.

Those who work on weight loss

If you are actively involved in sports for weight loss, then massage sessions will be very useful when paired with workouts. Massage activates metabolic and metabolic processes even more, so calories are burned even more efficiently.

In combination with sports exercises, massage models your figure, removes excess fluid, and eliminates stagnation that led to cellulite. The skin becomes smooth and toned, and blood circulation improves, and at the same time fibrosis dissolves, and the extra centimeters in volume go away.

Those who are engaged in dancing

For dancers, massage is also a very important part of the training process. It helps improve muscle elasticity, increases joint mobility, helps prepare muscles and joints for exercise without undue stress, and reduces the risk of injury. After a dance training session, a massage session helps to restore strength and relieve fatigue.

How often do you need to attend massage sessions?

It is ideal to go for a massage every time after a workout or weekly as a preventative measure. If, however, such a scheme fails, then our masseurs advise to go for a massage systematically. For example, take a course of 10 sessions every six months. In any case, the massage will benefit your body. The result will be, even if the massage is done from time to time, but it will bring a really good result with systemic procedures.