How to build muscle mass quickly and efficiently?

iacinternational/ November 23, 2020/ Blog

Many athletes hear about growth hormone while building muscle. Growth hormone belongs to the peptide group hormones, produced by the pituitary gland, which is part of the human brain. The substance has a potent anabolic effect on the body, while it also has a catabolic reaction, that is, it burns excess fat.

Effects of taking growth hormone on a build-up course

In bodybuilding, this substance is important, since it tends to have the following effects on a person:

  1. Stimulation of the increase in muscle mass.
  2. Reducing the fatty layer under the skin.
  3. Rejuvenates the athlete’s body and skin.
  4. Quickly heals wounds and repairs minimal damage.
  5. Strengthens bones and ligaments.
  6. Increases the immune system and balances the metabolism.
  7. It has a regenerating effect on internal organs.

It is important to remember that growth hormone is the main source for increasing muscle mass in combination with other means for building, but many athletes prefer to use only growth hormone due to its free sale and availability.

Growth hormone weight gain

Growth hormone is a peptide substance that affects the development of muscles and the musculoskeletal system. Athletes also use it to quickly recover from intense, cardio workouts. The drug is taken simultaneously with anabolic steroids and hormones of other groups, as well as solo. To build muscle while reducing body fat, you must adhere to strict rules and follow them when taking the chosen course.

Preparing to take growth hormone

Research has shown that growth hormone, or somatotropin, is a substance that can be abused by:

  • Severe edema and swelling;
  • The development of tunnel syndrome, when an increase in muscles without strengthening the ligaments leads to severe pain in the joints;
  • Regular and uncontrolled pressure increase;
  • Heart hypertrophy;
  • Diabetes mellitus and a number of other pathologies.

Therefore, before using the drug, you should definitely consult a therapist or endocrinologist. They advise taking tests for the content of STH in the blood, for tumor markers and even for glucose (the hormone causes an increase in blood sugar). The results obtained will make it possible to draw a conclusion about the safety of this additive. Also, the doctor will advise the optimal dosage based on the physical condition and health of the athlete.

The duration of the course will also be indicated on an individual basis.

It is also worth remembering the following rules beforehand:

Side effects will not occur if you strictly adhere to the main points of the instructions and do not exceed the dosage;

Initially, it is better to inject injections with somatotropin not every day, but after a day, allowing the active substance to be absorbed and strictly controlling the hormone concentration in the blood;

Growth hormone is not a substitute for exercise. You cannot postpone classes to build muscle. It is not recommended to reduce the intensity. Also, don’t change your diet. We must continue to strictly adhere to the postulates of proper nutrition.

Following these recommendations, you can see the results already in the first third of the course taken. Read more here

How to use growth hormone to build muscle mass?

Growth hormone is a liquid or powder formulation. In the first case, it is completely ready for use. In the second, you will have to additionally purchase bactericidal or sterile water for the preparation of injections. Additional costs will arise when purchasing insulin syringes.

Water is carefully injected with a needle into an ampoule of powder. Stir the preparation with unsharp rotary movements until smooth. If you begin to “crush” the finished solution into several steps, you will need to store the leftovers in the refrigerator. The finished medication is injected subcutaneously in those areas that are planned to be strengthened and where it is important to build muscle mass, for example, in the abdominal area.

If you prefer to use growth hormone in a solo course, then the minimum dosage will be 2 U. Injections are done daily. Duration – 1 month. Then the circuit looks like this:

  • The fifth week of consumption – 2.5 U per day;
  • The sixth week – 3 U each (it is better to divide them into a morning and lunch reception, 1.5 each);
  • Seventh week – 3.5 U each (you can divide the prepared amount of medicines into 3 parts).

On the following days, the dosage will be increased first to 4, then to 6 units. The maximum possible volume is 8-10 Units. It is important to note the condition. If pain occurs in the pelvis or joints, the volume of the drug injected under the skin is reduced. Only after stabilization can the amount of active substance be increased again.

How to eat during the intake course?

To build up a decent amount of muscle mass, only strength loads and injections of growth hormone are not enough. To achieve an excellent shape, you also need proper nutrition, in which case the relief muscles will appear very quickly. The diet should include meat, cereals, salads, dairy products. Also, do not forget about the use of vegetables and fruits. It is important that the diet consists of proteins, while it is necessary to exclude proteins and fats as much as possible. They will give the muscles a bloated look and add fat.

It is important to remove smoked meats, salty foods, cakes, rolls, cakes, fatty foods, chocolate, ice cream, soda, and alcohol from your diet right from the start of building muscle. It is also not recommended to use semi-finished products and juices that have undergone heat treatment. It is best to use fresh vegetables and fruits, which will provide your body with the maximum of healthy vitamins. Also, while building muscle mass, do not forget about taking special vitamin complexes that will add strength and nutrients to you.

If you decide to build muscle mass while using growth hormone, then before taking it, consult your doctor about the dosage.

The implication is that GH is administered concurrently with other anabolic steroids. In this case, the following rules are followed:

  • Together with testosterone, sustanon and other bioregulators, growth hormone in the volumes indicated in the “solo” program is administered in the morning. Additional anabolic steroids up to 500 mg every 7 days immediately following the GH injection.
  • Steroids should not be taken for more than 8 weeks, growth hormone after that – you can continue to inject;
  • Sports diet is selected individually, proteins and proteins are not canceled.

In order for the muscles to increase in volume, acquire firmness and relief, it is necessary to inject GH in the morning, as well as during training. The drug must be taken on an empty stomach. It is better not to do injections in the evening. If there is a workout during this time interval, it is recommended to postpone the injection and put it at lunch – half an hour before eating.

A month after the start of the course of growth hormone, there is an improvement in physical condition, performance and endurance. After 6 weeks, results in muscle tone increase are visible. A clear relief with a simultaneous loss of body fat will appear at 3-4 months of taking the hormone.