How to choose a company to install a water filter

iacinternational/ June 25, 2019/ Blog

There are a lot of reasons of the water pollution. But the most basic is the source of water itself. But even the sources themselves can be contaminated in various ways. Contamination of open sources – wells, ponds, small wells and other surface sources, occurs after the ingress and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, organic compounds and chemical substances. These pollution can be the result of man-made disasters.

A very good solution to a problem with poor-quality water is the drilling of a deep-water well, but the implementation of this process involves a lot of time, effort and money. In addition, the depth of such a well should be very large, since you can face a similar problem of pollution, as is the case with surface waters. And this is for the reason that today, under the influence of soil, pollution of groundwater also occurs. So the problem of water treatment of drinking water should be approached very seriously.

But, despite all the time and financial costs, this method is now becoming increasingly popular for water purification in apartments and country houses. And if the source is at a sufficiently large depth, then the risk that contaminated drinking water will occur is significantly reduced. But do not forget about the possibility of pollution of groundwater, which is caused by the dissolution in them of phosphates, sulfates, chlorides and other substances.

And to avoid problems with pollution, you need to clean the water before use

Today, this can be done thanks to the most modern equipment – various softener filters, removal of impurities. Moreover, the filters are both small and whole water purification systems that carry out complex purification of drinking water from pollution. And it is necessary to install such filters, because according to the medical data, it would have been possible to avoid very many diseases if we provided people with high-quality drinking water.

Pollution of sources with drinking water has been particularly intense in the past few decades. Moreover, if the contamination occurred with pesticides, then due to the low concentration it is difficult to identify. However, in our body there is an accumulation of harmful substances, which over time provokes a variety of diseases, including cancer. Pesticides include pollutants such as cadmium, arsenic, tin, lead, copper, chromium, mercury and many others. The ions of these substances completely dissolve in drinking water, penetrate the human body and begin their harmful activities there, causing serious consequences. It must be said that mental retardation occurs under the influence of lead, and congenital deformities occur with mercury poisoning. You can improve this situation if you know how to use shungite, but the best way is to find some really good company that will install filter for you.

The contamination of drinking water entering apartment buildings and cottages with heavy metals is dangerous because they are not removed from the body, but accumulate in it. That is, by ingesting it along with drinking water or food, they accumulate, almost like in a filter. Our bodies cannot get rid of them on their own, since harmful elements combine with proteins. Biological accumulation in the food chain is aggravated, and those organisms that are at the top of the food chain contain inside maximum doses of toxic chemicals.

Moreover, such a dose can be a thousand times more than in the environment. And the accumulation of harmful substances in the early stages is very difficult to detect, until their amount in the body reaches a dangerous concentration. And if this happened, then fix the situation is almost impossible.

Applying household filters for water treatment is a fairly reliable way to control pollution. But here you need to be careful and attentive. If the quality of the filter is not high enough, while passing through it along with contaminants, water can leave useful substances. So you have to carefully choose professional company, that will be able to install filter.