How to find followers on Instagram

iacinternational/ March 15, 2021/ Blog

Instagram is a popular social network and many people want to grow their business here. If at the very beginning of your journey you can buy instagram followers, then later you will need to use other options. This way, you will be able to find more followers and effectively engage in the development of your account. There are other secrets that we will tell you about next.

Mass following and mass liking

The easiest way to get free followers on Instagram is to be active on the pages of your potential followers. Subscribe to their accounts, comment and like the posts. Automate these actions and do not waste time on routine will also help special services. Remember that any of your actions will be reflected in the events log, and if a user finds your page interesting, he will definitely subscribe and “Like” some of your posts. In this matter it is very important to choose the right audience of users with whom you will work. You can use competitors’ follower lists or select users using a filter.

Create WOW content

Come up with some thing for your account, something that users would then want to share with their readers. For example, you can add a greeting card or a small gift to each order. If you’re a blogger, come up with interesting and offbeat topics or games to increase your audience’s engagement.

Publish beautiful photos

Quality photos are one of the main components of popularity on Instagram, because this is the first thing the reader sees when he or she goes to your profile. When posting, you need to pay special attention to your photos. The picture should be vivid and make your post stand out among others. You need to get people interested so that they click on the picture and read what you want to tell them.

More pictures of people

Instagram is a social place and users really want to follow personalities and their lives. So it’s important that your page has a link to personalities and really shows what your blog, brand or company is all about. Also, statistically, photos with faces get more likes.

Write texts

Colorful photos alone are no longer enough. More and more users come to Instagram not only to look at the lives of others, but also to read useful information. You can add 2200 characters to the description of each photo. Use them to communicate with your readers and spread useful information for them. Remember that they will only see the first two lines in the feed, so pay special attention to them, make a “catchy” headline that reflects the theme of the post. If character limits are not enough, then break the post into a series of mini-articles. It’s better than adding 3-4 comments at the bottom with a continuation.

Ask questions

To increase audience engagement, ask your readers questions. Post posts with questions and a call for answers in the comments. Take an interest in your readers’ opinions, find out what they like, and so on. This will not only bring comments, but also improve communication with your audience. The findings can also be used in developing a content plan.

Use Stories

In Stories, it is recommended to post a minimum of 1-2 posts per day. Practice shows that the publication of several dozen stories a day contributes to the rapid promotion of the account. Users see the stories as soon as they sign in to the app. They are great for posting content that is not appropriate for the main profile information. Most importantly, don’t forget to put geolocation and hashtags so that new subscribers can find you. You should also learn how to buy followers on instagram to boost your account status.

Go live on the app

You can also go live on the app, and it’s a great way to engage users during a live feed, which always has more to offer than “produced” content.