iacinternational/ August 25, 2019/ Blog, Fitness

They say that the poor are ready to give their last health for money, and the rich are ready to give their last money for health. The meaning of this aphorism: even wealth will not bring happiness to a person if he is not healthy. Is it possible to improve your health now – a difficult question. Our answer is yes. But this process will not be as simple as many would like. Consider a few rules for a healthy life.

Refusing harmful – the first step to a healthy life

A healthy diet is something without which you will never bring the body back to normal. Even if you deny yourself junk food (such as fast food or convenience foods), this does not mean that your food is completely healthy. A lot of vegetables, fruits, protein and complex carbohydrates – not everyone can brag of such a diet. Almost every person has something else to change in their diet. In general, the rejection of harmful (not only bad food, but also habits) is your first step to health.

Without physical activity – nowhere

Physical activity is a holy of holies for a person who wants to be healthy. When you sit in the office or spend free time at the computer, your body suffers from a lack of physical activity – muscles weaken, chronic processes in the musculoskeletal system start. Regular walks, jogs or trips to the pool will help to compensate for these disadvantages. If you cannot afford fitness or cardio training in the gym, try to at least go to work and walk from work, go up to the apartment not by elevator, but by stairs. Can’t force yourself? Then you still can not do without training with a personal trainer.

To have a good morning

Full sleep is a must for those who want to be healthy. It is important to go to bed and get up at the same time, even on weekends. Then the body will be less susceptible to the stress of the morning rise.

The duration of sleep, experts advise, should be at least eight hours. Keep track of the conditions in which you sleep – whether the bed and pillow are comfortable, whether you are warm enough. Turn off the computer, TV and other sources of noise at night, and turn off all the spotlights (including the lit indicators, buttons, etc.).

Where to begin?

Not everyone can quickly change their lives and improve their health. Just desire is not enough for this – willpower and patience are needed. Of course, before starting an intensive program, it is better to undergo a diagnosis by a doctor – to determine what aspects of your health you need to pay attention to first.