iacinternational/ August 27, 2019/ Blog, Fitness

In fitness, nothing is impossible if there is a desire and perseverance. The relief of the body is a long and hard work on oneself, but, nevertheless, it is possible to find the desired shape. The relief of any part of the body, including the legs, consists of two components – the presence of a certain muscle mass and a minimum amount of subcutaneous fat. If you have been engaged in fitness for a long time and feel that there is enough muscle in your legs, but the relief appears weak, it’s time to think about switching to a more strict diet. At the same time, it’s not only the legs that “take over” – the whole body will acquire the desired shape.

Of course, the diet should be balanced for proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but their ratio should be 60% -30% -10%, respectively. The reduction in carbohydrates and fats will lead to the fact that the body begins to spend its own reserves to maintain its vital functions and endurance during training, and not take them from the energy supply of food. With such nutrition, not only excess water and fat are consumed, the muscles themselves become drier, denser.

The second aspect of creating embossed legs is training. Aerobic training contributes to effective elimination of excess fat reserves – a 10-20-minute run before strength training, rope jumping in between sets of simulators, an exercise bike, and an orbitrek after training. Aerobic exercise, which will make you sweat well, speeds up the metabolism and breakdown of fats, which is very important for effective weight loss, the speed of which can slow down on a diet.

However, weekly workouts should be comprehensive. They should include circular training with a lot of repetition, and heavy basic exercises that will help maintain muscle mass, which can be lost due to low-calorie nutrition.

Often, coaches during periods of such dryers allow the so-called cheat-mil – once a week until 4 pm This is one meal you can afford everything – even pizza. Such a meal helps accelerate the metabolism, relieves irritation from dissatisfaction with the usual diet, because the mental state is also very important to achieve a result. Knowing that once a week you can afford your favorite dishes (in reasonable quantities, of course), eating right will be easier.

We described the main points of how to get the desired relief of the legs and the whole body as a whole. However, one cannot hope for a quick result. Although the first success on a diet and with aerobic exercise can be seen in the first days, after a week the process will slow down significantly. Depending on your goals, working on yourself in this mode will take from a month to three.