HOW TO motivate yourself to engage in sports?

iacinternational/ August 23, 2019/ Blog, Fitness

At least 7 ideas that will make you rush to training.

1. Define an understandable and achievable goal

Think about why you want to go to the gym or yoga. Put aside global reasons with the spirit of “being healthy and not getting old”, highlight for yourself something desired in the near future: for example, put on the same dress for a New Year’s party, have a beautiful press and not blush by the pool, stand firmly on the snowboard, riding with friends on a winter vacation, or finally attract the attention of a pretty woman from work. Highlight this thought, concentrate on it and know why you need training several times a week.

2. Make workouts enjoyable.

There is absolutely no need to sweat on aerobics or lift the bar, if this is not yours. Choose what brings you real pleasure – relaxation on Sky yoga, an energetic Thai boxing that helps to let off steam after work, an effective TRX, an incendiary zumba or personal training with a trainer who will choose an individual set of exercises that suits you according to the type of load and “temperament” “. And then every trip to training will be perceived not as serving a confession, but as a few hours for a loved one!

3. Buy something new and beautiful

It can be a stylish sports uniform, the most fashionable runners among sneakers, or new skinny jeans. In the first case, you don’t want the new thing to lie in vain and you will feel at its best in the fitness club, and in the second case, every day you will have the motivation to look cool in new things.

4. Reward yourself

In the process of achieving the main goal, you need to thank yourself. After all, constantly thinking about the reward, but at the same time not spoiling yourself until the achievement of the ultimate goal is unproductive. It’s better to reward yourself a little bit from time to time – just for not stepping back from the goal. Gratitude to yourself can be expressed in a cake on the weekend or popcorn in the movies – after all, allowing yourself a little joy, you can easily spend the accumulated calories in the next workout.

5. Choose a room convenient for you

So that city traffic jams or simple laziness do not become your constant excuse from training, choose a comfortable room that will be located on the way from or to work or be close to your home. The fitness club itself should also be pleasant and comfortable – so you will want to be in it again, and the concept of sports will have nice associations.

6. Find a like-minded person

It’s all about responsibility: if someone depends on you (say, when you train together), then guilt will not let you skip training for no reason. In addition, it is much easier to motivate yourself when you see other people’s results and successes. In order for the lesson to be profitable together, BodyArt fitness has special promotions such as “Bring a friend” and “-50% for joint split training”.