Losing weight with pleasure

iacinternational/ April 2, 2019/ Blog

Overweight – the problem of a modern lifestyle. It is not so necessary to get food now, like for our ancestors. In the worst case, you need to go to the grocery store, at the best – to the refrigerator. And not everyone can stop in time, when everything is so tasty and appetizing. Therefore, a modern person, is in a state of losing weight from time to time, drawing into the process all available methods and means. It is desirable that the method does not require excessive effort. One of the comfortable, but quite effective ways is a hot tub for weight loss. So how does it work?

Everyone knows that the surest way to lose weight is to eat less and move more

Therefore, many skeptics question the effectiveness of slimming tub. To do this, it is enough to understand how a hot tub acts. The principle of the hot tub is based on the redistribution of blood circulation. Under the influence of hot water that heats the body, the blood from the internal organs and large vessels moves to the vessels and capillaries located on the periphery. Vessels expand metabolic processes are activated in the body. Cells receive an additional portion of oxygen and nutrients with blood and donate metabolic products. Harmful substances are brought out along with sweat, thereby temporarily removing some load from the kidneys. Health benefits of a hot tub are really good, so weight losing is not the only advantage.

Baths are divided into:

  • indifferent with a water temperature of 34-36 ºС;
  • warm with a temperature of 37-39 ºС;
  • hot with temperatures over 39 ºС.

The most effective slimming baths are warm and indifferent

Too hot baths should be taken with great care and should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor rather than at home. The time spent in the bath depends on the water temperature. The hotter the water, the less it can be. For the effect is enough 10-15 minutes. Next, you need to focus on the state of health. If during the procedure it becomes stuffy, dizziness starts to turn, unpleasant sensations appear in the heart area, the bath should be immediately left. If you are going to buy a tub for your house you should also pay attention to its design and quality. Tubs designed by Peter Rossi are the best choice for now.  So what are the baths for weight loss?

The effectiveness of a slimming bath depends on the components that are used.

The following baths for weight loss are best known:

  • turpentine baths;
  •  mustard baths;
  • salt baths;
  • soda baths;
  • pine baths;
  • lime baths.

Turpentine baths are considered the most beneficial to health and effective in terms of losing extra pounds. These baths restore capillary blood flow, normalize metabolic processes in the body, remove toxins. Often, as a result of the normalization of metabolism in the body, its weight is normalized without additional physical exertion. White emulsion and yellow solution – the basic preparations based on turpentine – are sold in a pharmacy along with detailed instructions for use. Mustard baths warm, effectively remove slags, increase immunity.

Salt baths for weight loss with sea or some other salt have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and on the skin in particular. It is saturated with minerals and trace elements necessary for the body for normal life. Soda baths reduce puffiness, make the skin extremely smooth and susceptible to anti-cellulite preparations. Coniferous baths not only have a beneficial effect on the skin and upper respiratory tract, but also relieve fatigue, calm the nervous system, increase tone. Linden baths are widely used for weight loss due to diaphoretic and diuretic properties of lime blossom.

It’s quite difficult to lose the weight if you are using just hot tubes and nothing more. However, it is quite possible to speed up the process of losing extra pounds and make it more comfortable and enjoyable. At the same time as a reward to get elastic, smooth and radiant skin.