Recipe for happiness

iacinternational/ December 23, 2020/ Blog

On the one hand, happiness is a fickle and short-lived value, but on the other hand, only happy experiences have a beneficial effect on us. The feeling of happiness, which gives love, generally refers to the most important factors in human health, so unanimously say doctors, psychologists and sociologists. Love brings the body into an optimal state, when its defenses and creativity are capable of much. The feeling, in which there is spiritual and physical harmony, does the body an invaluable service. If you can’t find your love, then Baltimore date ideas can help you.

Why is love so important?

In lovers and lovers, wounds and inflammations heal faster, due to the large number of defense cells and the release of cortisone. They get colds and flu less often than those who are not in love. In an extreme situation, a person needs anti-stress hormones, a release of adrenaline is required. This is what happens during harmonious physical intimacy, and we feel an amazing rush of new strength. We are again capable of much, if not everything!

During the act of love, the bronchi relax, more oxygen enters the alveoli of the lungs, and the body itself produces narcotic substances like opium – they enter the bloodstream and lift us above all the problems of everyday life. Levitation in love is related to these substances. They make a person insensitive to pain; their effect is about 200 times stronger than morphine. In ecstasy, lovers feel neither pressure nor temperature. The happy wave of the love experience overwhelms, giving the person health along with happiness.

Why Sex Helps in a Career

A full sexual life – not naked sex, but a harmonious relationship – even contributes to the successful realization of a person’s social life. After acute pleasure a person is exhausted, it seems that every cell in him rests, but this phase is very short. After the rest phase, there is a powerful reaction that makes a person more active, energetic, and viable. There is a very complex biochemical process by which we create and do things.

No drug can create such a transformation in a human being. Cortisone provides the feeling of happiness and adrenaline makes all the internal organs work in a new way. The heart beats faster, the blood pressure rises, and the body mobilizes its energy reserves. Glucose content in the liver decreases, the same in muscle and fat tissue. Yes, yes, we lose some weight. From happiness. If you can’t find a loved one, try using date night ideas Baltimore.

And vice versa: someone who is deprived of love suffers more from headaches, circulatory disorders, nervous disorders and insomnia, and is more often tied to unhealthy and excessive food. The lungs, heart, and kidneys need love to be healthy, too. Happy women are much less likely to suffer from heart disease than single women and those living in a loveless union. Here are four tips, relevant at all times, to help you be happy in love.

  1. Love is not just about sex, don’t confuse it with frequent intercourse. It’s a prerequisite for happiness.
  2. Tell your lover or beloved: you are the best, the most extraordinary, I have never felt so good with anyone. It’s very stimulating!
  3. Advice for men: sitting in front of the TV drop by drop reduces potency, takes away your best man’s strength. Save them for other, more impressive moments!
  4. Don’t be afraid to embellish yourself in your own eyes. Love yourself and the man next to you, it will make you and him much happier. 

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