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Step aerobics is one of the most popular types of training, which combines dance rhythms and ligaments with a fairly intense cardio load. The training is based on the use of a platform with adjustable height (the higher it is, the higher the load, respectively). In the process, you need to constantly step on the step using a specific sequence of steps set by the trainer

Due to the fact that everything happens with active, fiery music, training is psychologically easier. You will like to try, along with the rest, to have time to repeat the clever steps of the coach on the step. Often, additional equipment, for example, small dumbbells, is also used to increase the load level. The training ends, as a rule, by stretching on the gymnastic mat.

Step benefits

The main advantage of step aerobics is the active burning of calories. Fast movements with the constant need to step on the platform increase the heart rate, causing you to sweat actively. Ultimately, all these calories burned help burn fat and lose weight (provided, of course, the regularity of training and proper nutrition). Beautiful legs are another nice bonus, because they are the main burden.

Step aerobics is not a strength training, it is, first of all, a very active cardio load, but, nevertheless, it will allow you to keep your muscles in good shape. The legs and gluteal muscles get the greatest load here. If you are looking for a way to lose weight in your legs, you should know that it is impossible to lose weight in certain areas of the body. Although in the steppe the main load falls on the legs, losing weight in any case will be complex.

Step aerobics is an easy and fun way to keep the body in shape, to form endurance, balance and flexibility. Constant monitoring by the coach, as well as the opportunity to engage with friends and compete with them in endurance and dexterity is a very good motivation for many.

Another advantage of step aerobics is the low impact exercise. This makes it an ideal aerobic option for those who suffer from joint pain, arthritis and other diseases. To minimize the unpleasant effects that may be associated with stepping on a step, we recommend that you use a platform with a reduced height. Gradually, you will be able to increase the load by adding new steps to the step.