Sustanon-250 – what you should know

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Sustanon 250 (other names: Sustaretard, Sustamed, Tetrasterone, Sustaver, Omnadren 250, test mix, sust, sustic, and so on) is a combined testosterone preparation consisting of its four esters, as well as other additional inactive biologically components.

The different rates of absorption of the individual esters contained in this mixture allow maintaining the level of testosterone in the blood for a long period of time (up to one month).

As you can see from the name, the preparation contains 250 mg of a mixture of testosterone esters per ml.

Ethers (description)

Any ester has its own half-life, so the release of the steroid from the ester reaches its peak and decreases depending on the substance itself. This can happen after a couple of hours or days.

Like all steroids, testosterone itself has a very SHORT PERIOD OF ACTION. As a result, synthetic testosterone manufacturers use chemical processes to attach an ester chain to testosterone.

Such an attachment of the carboxylic acid residues to the hormone dissolved in the oil makes it possible to slow down the rate of final decay and excretion of the substance from the body.

As a result, testosterone cannot bind to androgen receptors until the chain of carboxylic acid residues is cleaved from the hormone itself.

In other words, such an intervention allows the substance to be given the necessary pharmacological properties, namely: deposition and delayed release of the substance into the plasma, which makes it possible to slow down the disintegration and complete elimination of the drug from the body.

Sustanon 250 contains the following components:

  1. Testosterone PROPIONATE is in the amount of 30 milligrams. A short and “fast” broadcast that guarantees almost instant onset of action after administration. It is one of the most popular versions of testosterone ever used.
  2. Testosterone IZOCAPROAT and PHENYLPROPIONATE are “medium” in length esters, the action of which is gaining momentum some time after propionate. Both are available in dosages of 60 milligrams. Isocaproate is used to bridge the gap between propionate and decanoate release. This ether has a half-life of approximately 9 days. It could be easily replaced with cypionate or enanthate, which have approximately the same half-life.
  3. There is an opinion that this is due to the pricing policy, since the Organon company turns out almost 500% profitability on this steroid. As for phenylpropionate, it is used to maintain blood testosterone levels after the propionate has completely broken down.
  4. Testosterone DECANOAT is the longest ester used in any setroid. It has a very long half-life of about two weeks, which means it stays in the body for about a month (4 weeks). That is why, when using Sustanon, it is recommended to start PCT 2-3 weeks after the last injection. The dosage of this ester in the preparation is 100 milligrams.
  5. Many believe that the drug can be used once a month, solely based on the fact that it contains this ester. Of course, this opinion takes place with testosterone replacement therapy, but taking into account the use of the drug in bodybuilding, this opinion is FALSE.

Other components, such as PEANUT OIL (acts as a solvent and base of the drug, and also provides slow and gradual absorption into the bloodstream) and PETROL ALCOHOL, which acts as an antiseptic.

This formulation was developed to gradually “enter” the drug into action. That is, first a short broadcast comes into operation, followed by an average one, and then, within a week, testosterone decanoate “turns on”.

Based on the principle of work and doses of active substances, it cannot be said that Sustanon 250 is a sports drug for gaining muscle mass and strength (however, it does a good job with this goal). Sustanon 250 can be purchased by clicking on the link

Its original purpose was to use it as hormone replacement therapy with testosterone in cases of insufficiency of the male sex glands.

By combining four different esters of the test into one single mixture, the creators tried to eliminate the peak concentration of the substance and prolong the stable positive level of androgen in human blood. This helped create one of the very best steroid medications for TRT.

It should also be noted that this drug from a mixture of dough esters is very popular. In this regard, Sustanon 250 is very often counterfeited and appears on sale in BOTTLES. Such a product is a fake.

Remember to store your testosterone mixture only in a glass container. The use of various rubber caps is PROHIBITED. Therefore, always pay attention to what the liquid contains (packaging, container, etc.).

Although now on many sites, manufacturers have a special opportunity where everyone can check the originality of the purchased products by entering a special code into the form. The original drug is manufactured by ORGANON.

The glass containers with liquid themselves are contained in paper packaging.

Sustanon effect

Sustanon 250 , like any other testosterone preparation, exhibits an extremely flexible action, allowing it to be “sharpened” for almost any purpose. This can be safely stated by looking at the effects it manifests:

  • Intensive growth of muscle mass. The drug does an excellent job with this task, albeit not in the same way as agents with higher anabolic and androgenic activity do. On the other hand, small gains guarantee the “quality” of the mass and a slight rollback after the course is completed.
  • Increase in strength indicators. This trait makes the Sustanon 250 a top priority for strength sports such as weightlifting and powerlifting. Due to the small effect on the body weight of the athlete, the drug will appeal to those for whom it is important to maintain a stable weight category.
  • Burning fat. This feature of the drug is manifested due to the effect on leptin, ghrelin and other enzymes responsible for the metabolism of fats. It also makes Sustanon 250 a good (albeit not the best) choice during the drying period.
  • Moderate water retention, protecting muscles, ligaments and joints from injury. Keep in mind, however, that long-term use of testosterone can reduce collagen levels in the body, making the body more vulnerable to injury. In addition, the rapid increase in strength indicators caused by testosterone can also lead to injury, due to the lack of “readiness” of the ligaments and joints for such loads.
  • Increased appetite associated with both increased energy costs arising from the increased level of androgens, and due to the effect on the enzymes responsible for it. This feature of the drug will be very beneficial during the period of weight gain, since the athlete has the opportunity to consume larger portions of food, and therefore – to deliver more nutrients to his body.
  • An anti-catabolic effect that helps preserve muscle mass and strength during a hard diet, and also just makes it easier to worry less about the sleep and nutrition patterns so important in natural training. In addition, this effect makes it possible to carry out longer and more intense workouts, while recovering dramatically faster between them.
  • An increase in the number of erythrocytes in the blood, and, therefore, a noticeable increase in endurance. However, despite this feature, the drug is rarely used by athletes whose competitive activity is associated with the manifestation of maximum endurance.