Terms of Use of CBD Oil

iacinternational/ July 29, 2019/ Blog

IF you want CBD oil to bring the maximum benefit to your body, the product must be properly applied. In this article, you will learn what ways to use cannabis seed oil exist and what results can be achieved with constant use of this product.

Cooking with hemp oil

Vegetable oils are a traditional dressing for dishes, and cbd is not an exception to the rule. High organoleptic characteristics of CBD oil ensured its popularity in cooking. The product has a nutty flavor with a slight sourness and mouth-watering aroma, so this ingredient will harmoniously fit into your usual diet.

Proper use of this oil provides for its use in the cold. The product can be used as a dressing for any salads and vinaigrettes, vegetable stews, stews, added to ready-made soups, dishes from pasta, potatoes, legumes and cereals, sauces, salad dressings and marinades, consumed with flour products.

Cannabis seed oil is a completely vegetable product, but it also contains components that the body usually receives from animal food. If you are a vegetarian, the product is recommended to be included in your daily diet in order to prevent deficiency of amino acids, vitamins B, A and D.

It’s important!

Unrefined cbd oil can not be used for frying, and it is not recommended to heat it! It has a lower boiling point than sunflower, soybean, palm and some other vegetable oils, which are commonly used for frying and deep-frying.

Heat treatment destroys the main part of the beneficial components that contain cannabis seeds. We are talking about polyunsaturated fatty acids, the content of which hemp is a real record holder and is not inferior to fish oil. In addition, when strongly heated, the taste properties of the product change for the worse, the butter begins to quit, so you risk just spoiling the dish.

Another reason to refuse to heat the oil of hemp seeds is the formation of peroxides that are potentially dangerous for the body. These compounds are formed from polyunsaturated fatty acids under the influence of high temperatures. Please note: omega-acids and other valuable biologically active components of hemp oil are also destroyed by exposure to air and sunlight. To prevent oxidation, add butter to the dish before serving.

Plays an important role and proper storage. CBD oil is stored in a tightly closed container on the refrigerator door or in a dark, cool place. From the started packaging, it is desirable to consume the contents within a month, since the shelf life of the organic product is small.

Can CBD oil be used to reduce weight?

Many people follow a low-calorie diet aimed at body shaping. Choosing foods for a diet, you should pay attention to hemp oil. This product, like other vegetable oils, is rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, therefore it is high-calorific: in 100 cbd grams the calorie content reaches 880.

At the same time, nutritionists unanimously recommend not to neglect such a useful product as cbd oil when building your diet. Unrefined seed oil of this plant, added to salad or other dietary dishes, will enrich them with vitamins and omega-acids, which help to increase metabolism and reduce body fat.

External use of hemp oil

Organic oil will take an important place in your daily care for appearance. Many reputable manufacturers of natural cosmetics use this product as the main raw material for creating creams, lotions, sunscreens, natural conditioners.

Oil can be applied to the skin without additional additives. It leaves no greasy residue, providing excellent hydration and nutrition. Such a product is able to replace body milk, face cream, lip balm and many other industrial products. To avoid fragility and dryness of hair, use masks based on hemp oil. This product is suitable for massage, because it has the appropriate consistency and has a positive effect on the skin.