The best cannabis strains

iacinternational/ April 6, 2020/ Blog

If you decided to buy hemp seeds for household use, you can find it difficult to choose the best marijuana strains from the hundreds of existing ones. Choosing the best tasting weed becomes easier when you visit the Internet. Here you can easily order hemp seeds, the strongest and most powerful of the best marijuana strains with prior consultation on the strain.

Ranked prices for cannabis seeds allow to sell both for lovers of low cost of goods with good quality, and for those who prefer elite strains. You can find the latest hybrids and proven marijuana strains, original strains. There is also an opportunity for professionals to order seeds and strains of hemp bushes that have won prizes and cups in specialized competitions.

Hemp strains

According to the general classification, 3 hemp species are distinguished:

  1. Indica is Indian marijuana. These Indian marijuana species are a low bush with larger leaves, located tightly together. It acts relaxing and as a light tranquilizer, has a strong stone-effect, revealing creativity, so it is better suited for evening time.
  2. Sativa. It is a high sprawling bush with elongated inflorescences (buds) and narrow leaves. The use of this strain of marijuana has a cheerful, “expanding”, stimulating effect, more often described by the word high. It is usually best to choose this type of cannabis for daytime use.
  3. Ruderalis is either weed or wild. Wild cannabis strains look like a small plant with small, rare leaves. Ruderalis has almost no THC in it.

The absolute majority of modern cannabis species are hybrids of the above three strains with different variations of their genotypes (gene sets).

How to choose the best marijuana strain

Today there are tens of thousands of strains of marijuana. It’s hard enough to choose the best strain. Even 2 strains of the same species can have striking differences in both cultivation and consumption effects. To select the strongest marijuana strain, you need to know its main characteristics.

  • Seedbank. The seedbank is a germination seed supplier. The reliability and honesty of the producer can be decisive in the selection process. 
  • Genotype. This is the most important criterion when choosing a strain of marijuana. The percentage of sativa and indica genes, sometimes wild hemp, determines the Stone or hi-effect and the balance between them.
  • THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana leaves and flowers. The quantification of THC determines the intensity of the experience of consumption. Cannabidiol is the second most commonly used cannabiodine in medicine. Plants with high levels of CBD have a clear relaxing and pain-relieving effect.

If you want to choose the best type of cannabis, you should visit a reliable shop. Herbies sells the best hemp strains professionally. If you don’t know which strain to choose, Herbies consultants will help you make a decision.

Popular strains

Among the most popular strains of marijuana can be attributed:

  • Sour Diesel is an American strain of quite powerful sativa with a THC content of 17%. It is characterized by a sharp effect, creating a feeling of euphoria, activates activity and easily relaxes at the end of action.
  • Northern Lights is a recognized classic indicator with a THC content of 16-24%. This strain is Stone in its purest form! It is able to literally nail to the chair and causes increased appetite.
  • Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid with over 20% THC in its composition. It is a combination of a pleasant indica relaxation and a fun sativa effect.