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Modern fitness industry is experiencing an unprecedented rise. There are new training complexes, effective and safe diets. However, there is little that can be compared in popularity with the “ECA effect” – a combination of three drugs – ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin. Together, they have become the very magic pill that allows you to quickly and painlessly throw off those extra pounds.

ECA effectiveness

With respect to this combination of drugs was conducted many clinical studies. The first to compare the effectiveness of ephedrine without the use of training. As practice has shown, the control group practically did not lose weight without loads. However, in the case of a course with a combination of ECA and exercises on a treadmill, it turned out that ECA increases the effectiveness of fat burning from aerobic exercises by 450-500%.

If you take the actual results, then for the course of ECA with the right diet and exercise, you can reduce the percentage ratio of adipose tissue from 30% to 20%. And the result did not depend on the weight of the athlete, but only on the intensity of training. At the same time, people who took ECA for the first time and practically didn’t play sports before, noted lower efficiency. She was associated with less performance in training, because of what the excess energy returned back to the adipose tissue.

There are a lot of safer fat burners on the market, however, the first place in terms of popularity still remains behind the ECA complex for weight loss + clenbuterol. Why is that? Everything is simple – the action of other fat burners is based mainly on caffeine, which means that such fat burners may even surpass the ECA in terms of harmfulness and side effects, and they can be inferior in effectiveness.

Another option concerns various specific supplements – antioxidants, etc. In particular, L-carnitine, which was developed as a full replacement for ECA, is extremely popular. Yes, it works, but unlike ECA, it can burn no more than 10 g of fat for training due to a lower level of release. In addition, when using L-carnitine in the first place all the same glycogen reserves are consumed, which reduces its effectiveness.

Operating principle

Now, in simple terms, how this bundle works and why it is considered the most effective among all fat burners.

  1. At first, under the influence of ephedrine and sugar, a small amount of insulin enters the bloodstream, opening fat cells. Further, the fat under the influence of “pseudo-adrenaline” – caffeine, enters the bloodstream and splits into the simplest glucose.
  2. All this glucose circulates in the blood, giving an extraordinary emotional boost and a significant increase in energy for the whole day. Caffeine, while continuing its effects, slightly accelerates the heart muscle, which increases the consumption of calories per unit of time.
  3. The following happens. If the body (thanks to training), was able to squander all the excess energy (which requires serious cardio load), then after they close the person loses up to 150-250 g of adipose tissue in one workout. If the energy released during exposure to the substances was not spent, then over time it is converted back into polyunsaturated fatty acids and returned to the fat depot.


The result of losing weight can be a discharge of up to 30 kg of exclusively fatty tissue while preserving the muscles as much as possible. It is important to understand that if you are not a professional athlete, the risk of getting side effects and undermining your health can significantly outweigh the effect of losing weight. Therefore, at first, amateurs should better consult with a professional doctor in order to regulate dosages and consult with a trainer for the selection of optimal loads. Here you can find ECA and human growth hormone and try it yourself.

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