What is a Formula 1 race

iacinternational/ June 13, 2021/ Blog

In Formula 1, cars with open wheels (they are not covered with plastic linings, like conventional cars) compete. These cars are called racing cars. This competition is held annually since 1950. F-1 is the highest stage and many call it the “queen of auto racing.” This is no accident, because this is where the best technology and the great minds of the world come together to compete to prove that it is their sports car that is worthy of the best.

Competitions are held from March to November with an interval of one or two weeks, depending on the calendar for the current season. There are 19 to 23 races per season, and a “summer break,” when competition is interrupted for one month in the middle of the season. This is necessary to allow the designers could fix bugs and prepare cars for the rest of the season. It happens that after the resumption of the championship situation has changed dramatically and changed the leader. You can follow the news here https://espn-news.com/category/f1/. For the season between the pilots played out 525 points. Points are awarded for the first ten places on the finish grid in the ratio of 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1. 

In Formula 1, not everything depends on the driver, as in other racing series. Some races were won at the expense of successful tactics than the opponent. Each team has a staff of analysts, who analyze the course of the race and calculate all the options. For example, a successful pit-stop (change of the wheels, which is mandatory during the race) on one team, leaving the other competitors behind. The main thing is not just to make it quickly, but to do it at the right moment. Sometimes that’s how races are won.

Tires for Formula One

There are 5 allowable sets of tires used – from extra soft to hard. Not counting the two types of rain rubber – for heavy rain and light rain. There are 2 compulsory types of tires for every race, each driver must drive at least one lap on them. Change of rubber is compulsory, it’s called a pit stop. The best time is from 2.0 seconds to change tires. Any hiccup can set a rider back a few positions. That’s why mechanics are constantly training to prevent mistakes. For example, a second hiccup at the race leader’s pit stop, when the mechanics couldn’t quickly reattach a wheel, resulted in a loss of points for the driver or second place instead of first. A very expensive mistake!

Restrictions to make it more entertaining

In Formula 1, design decisions are introduced. They depend on the rules of the race, which are constantly changing. For example, the limit is now set at 3 engines for the entire distance of the race – that’s at least 20 stages. If the engine is exhausted, and there is no spare, the racer gets a penalty. He has to start the race from the last places. 

Only the best drivers

You should not think, that any F-1 pilot can not drive and got there just for money. That’s not the case. In order to compete in Formula, a driver must get a super license. That means he has to go through his motorsports career from the very bottom and be in the top three at Formula 3 or other similar races (Formula 2).

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