Which washbasin is the best choice?

iacinternational/ November 1, 2020/ Blog

When choosing a bathroom sink, we take into account its practicality, functionality and appearance. But how to choose from hundreds of models that are so similar to each other? Despite the design similarity of most bathroom sinks, they differ in many other criteria: size, shape, side of faucet placement, type of installation and other parameters. You can make sure at https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/free-standing-bathroom-sinks. We have prepared for you a list of the most important criteria for choosing a washbasin.

Choose your washbasin by type of installation

The very first criterion is the way to install the selected washbasin for the bathroom. It depends on the entire configuration of the bathroom or toilet, where the plumbing will be installed.

Overlapping sinks

Recently, bowl-shaped shells, which are installed on the nightstand or countertop without hiding inside, have gained popularity. We could see such design solutions somewhere in the pictures about interior fashion standards. But with the increase in the offer, overhead models became available and popular. Among their advantages are convenience of installation, external attractiveness and practicality. Inside the cabinet saves space. And due to the height of the sink of this type is more convenient to use – there is no need to bend over the sink heavily. You can install such sanitary ware yourself. Through a hole in the cabinet is fixed siphon with drain valve in the sink. The water supply is separately fixed on the faucet, which is mounted on the cabinet itself, not on the sink.

Overlay models are mainly made of ceramics. But there are also versions made of artificial stone. This will be the best choice for those who want to move away from the usual standards in the design of the bathroom, adding originality to the new interior.

Hanging sinks

Sinks with hanging installation for the bathroom are very popular, as they save space. Usually manufacturers extend the functionality of sanitary ware and add the possibility to install the sink on the cabinet and hang it on the wall. Suspended sinks do not necessarily belong to the most budget category. In the middle price segment, washbasins are available, which attract with smooth lines of shape and thoughtful ergonomics. By adding a steel siphon, you can create an interesting and original style of shell area design even in a compact room. And you do not need to buy a cabinet!

The hinged models differ not only in price and general style, but also in geometric shape. After all, someone wants a sink with right angles, and someone needs a smooth semicircular lines. Hanging models are attached directly to the wall. To do this, mount the fasteners with plugs, which are hung on the sink with factory holes. From experience, we can say that hinged washstands can withstand a heavy weight – for this you should not worry!

The presence of an opening for the faucet in the sink

Pay attention to the presence of an opening for the mixer and its location. The faucet can be installed on the left, right or center of the sink. And in some cases, the faucets are placed directly on the nightstand or countertop, so the washbasins do not have a seat under them.

Even when selecting the desired model of washbasin, the location of the drain hole and the connection point for cold and hot water is taken into account, as conditions do not always allow only the appearance, shape and budget of the purchase. More often it is necessary to consider the existing layout of the bathroom and its configuration. You can find many interesting options here https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/bathroom-sinks-commercial.